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Thomas OConnell's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Hello Everyone, As you're all aware, Tom's mother tragically passed away on Friday night in a car accident. Tom (Tommy to many of us) is doing better each and every day, but is still very shaken by the incident. I have been thinking of ways that we can help Tommy and I believe having an outlet to express our condolences and thoughts to him directly would be helpful during these tragic times. Although many of us will not have the chance to wish Tom our condolences in person, I believe this can be a helpful outlet for everyone to express how much Tom means to us, has impacted us, and how much he is truly loved and supported. Feel free to share your thoughts, condolences, messages of support, etc. in the tribute section. When appropriate, I will provide the link to Tommy to read when he's ready. Hopefully our messages to Tommy will be helpful during his time of grieving.

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